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Chapbook Update: Call for Art

The chapbook will be published by wedschilde's Three Crows Press, pub date TBA

I would like to illustrate it with high quality fan art, so I'm putting out a call. I will use up to twenty illustrations (not all by the same person, of course). You can work from the thumbnails below, create a portrait, or follow your own muse. All must be black and white or grey scale. No porn (R-rated ok). No chibbies. Deadline: June 30, 2010

"By the RIver"
Characters: young Seregil and Micum (S= nineteen or so, M=early 20s)
Scenes: by a river in a forest. Eating around campfire.

"The Bond" (The first time story)
Characters: Seregil and Alec, Micum, Kari, baby Gherin and Luthas,
Stalking Darkness time period.
Scenes: Watermead, Watermead guest bedroom (night), working with Micum with horses, sitting around hearth fire
**Please keep all illustrations R or less rated. (No Beka)

"Currently Untitled Nysander and Seregil Meeting Story" (NOT a Nysander/Seregil story!! Eeeuuwww!)
Characters: Nysander, young Seregil (18 or so), Idrilain and children, young Phoria and Korathan(19).
Scenes: Idrialian's private garden (N, S, I, children, baby Klia), rainy palace garden (Seregil and Nysander), Nysander's workroom, Nysander's sitting room.

Format: High quality Jpeg or PNG files only. B/W or gray scale only. Any color art will be reproduced in gray scale.

**Deadline: June 30, 2010**

Art will be chosen by me. Winning artists will receive one signed contributor's copy and credit in the chapbook.

Please contact me with any questions:
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